Retail Developments

When reviewing retail property options, we have to be mindful of traffic flow, visibility, security, parking, high-tech wiring, and rental vacancy. When determining the ideal fit of property for your business, all these factors must be considered since retail businesses are consumer-facing. Retail businesses are defined as free-standing, pad sites, shopping centers, big-box retail, small-box retail, or special-use in relation to their location suitability and feasibility.

Industrial/Land Developments

Structure, ceiling heights, loading docks, and accessibility are all considered when examining industrial or land properties. Labor, environmental assessment, distribution, and proximity to transportation routes are also taken into account. For example, vacant warehouses, manufacturing plants, and factories now house processing facilities. While industrial land has been developed into high-tech greenhouses up to 50,000 square feet.


Cannabis Commercial Real Estate Investors must ensure their strategic investments are utilizing the proper investment analysis. This analysis compares property types under different scenarios where potential cash flows, tax implications, available financing, and rates of return are all considered. The Cannabis investor is unique with various investment priorities, but the one common goal is that everyone wants to make money while also mitigating risk.

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