While owning or investing in a green-zoned property feels like a huge accomplishment, the qualifications of the property will further determine what type of Commercial Cannabis business can be developed. Check out this guide to commercial cannabis properties and what amenities are required for each. 


Building structure is noted: strip mall, free-standing, new construction, renovating an old building.

Utilities and other requirements: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical services, and odor mitigation. Finishings are important to improve the customer experience, including flooring, custom millwork, fixtures, and hardware. 

Security system: Surveillance/camera systems and a professional vault. 

Location is important! The facility should be within a popular area with cross streets near the largest intersection in the city. Close to public transportation. American with Disabilities Act compliant.

Parking Lot: 20+ cars.

Zoning setbacks for schools, parks, playgrounds, places of worship, and daycare centers, and also 2,500 feet away from residential. 


Methods of Cultivation: indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse

Ceiling height must be 16+ feet to accommodate lighting, ductwork, and sprinklers. 

Utilities: water, electricity, sanitary, and storm sewers. Electrical requirements include 25-35 watts per square foot to accommodate lighting, dehumidification, and cooling requirements. Water for additional restrooms, showers, and irrigation/sprinkler system. 

Square footage: Cultivation sites use 8 or more individual flower rooms that typically measure about 30 ft across and 50-100 ft long. Square footage and size of cultivation facility vary state to state, max in Kentucky is 50,000 sqft.


Infrastructure must be solidly built with a strong foundation. Most importantly, the roof is a key determinant in the viability of purchase or sale agreement.  

Square footage of the building and lot size in terms of total acreage account for the capabilities of the property.

Accessibility: Facilities are ideally located close to busy roads in order to access retailers, customers, and patients.

testing facility


Working Areas: High-quality furniture such as laboratory workbenches and tables are a must-have fixture.

Ventilation goes without saying because odor mitigation is needed.

Storage: Odor-containing storage including lab cabinets and casework.

Safety: Eyewash stations, emergency showers, and flammable gas alarm systems that comply with your local Fire Department regulations.


Firstly, it must be determined what will be done with the land. Will it be used to build a new dispensary, processing facility, or greenhouse? 

Land Quality: The levelness of the land will determine if it needs to be cleared, graded, and excavated. The characteristics of the land (solid rock, loose dirt, etc.) are thoroughly examined, along with a soil test when necessary.

Accessibility: Analyze the boundaries based off the land survey. 

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