It was Father’s Day weekend in the summer of 2018 when I had my first seizure. Two weeks later, I had another seizure. Then several weeks later, I continued experiencing multiple seizures.  My doctors had diagnosed me with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. At that point, I felt completely helpless and out of control. My freedom and tranquility had diminished, and I felt lost and afraid; simply not knowing what would become of my life.

I was depressed and felt defeated, yet I refused to allow this condition to control my life. As I continued experiencing seizures that year, I began to research strategies of how to conquer this disorder. In 2019 my doctor wanted to examine my brain function and problems that triggered my seizures. His recommendation was to have me stay in the hospital an entire week, while attached to several machines with Electrodes and IV’s.  

Once I was discharged, all the test results unfortunately were inconclusive. The doctors were unable to determine what caused of my seizures.  However, my MRI results showed that I had a cavernoma behind my left eye, which appeared as a dark spot on my brain. My doctors were unsure if this was the cause of the seizures, yet they wanted to continue monitoring my brain to ensure that cavernoma wouldn’t become larger.  I was told that if my growth became larger, they would recommend brain surgery. I was opposing this procedure because of anxiety. At this point, I was now in a precarious situation because I felt that life had presented me with a situation where I could either give up or choose to overcome this hurdle. Needless to say, I chose to overcome this battle.  

A year later, I took a summer vacation to Orlando Florida. I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Roz McCarthy who was the founder and CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana. We had an incredible three-hour discussion regarding all elements of cannabis. Months later, Ms. Roz met with the Board Chairman, Eric Range and asked if I would lead the charge for the non-profit in Kentucky. I had accepted the opportunity because I had officially become a lobbyist for the decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis as a Kentucky legislator. 

Currently, I have experience with working with like-minded individuals, which has led me to establish CannaMercial Realty. This organization is a full-service Realty Agency that works in cannabis space.  I have a grand vision for this new venture with strong beliefs of making it a reality.  

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