The first thing you need to do is sit down and set your goals. Diana Scharf Hunt said “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” A lot of times, people are thrown off by the idea of taking the time to set their goals.

Keeping one’s self going is a difficult thing to do. There are a million distractions that occur every day and that can mean that we do not stay on track with what we should be doing.

Hello world, my name is C.J. Carter and I’d like to introduce you to the CannaMercial Realty Group which encompasses all aspects of sales, leasing, management, and investment of improved retail property.  CannaMercial also has investments in: property, farmland, businesses, industries, medical facilities and multiple properties within the legal Cannabis industry. I am the founder and CEO of a Cannabis Commercial Real Estate firm in a market that is currently new and emerging. With so much opportunity for growth, CannaMercial Realty was created with a purpose to assist new and existing Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Corporations.  This company had assisted entrepreneurs with making their dreams become a reality through securing Real Estate for their various businesses. 

As we know, the Cannabis Marketplace is slowly becoming a norm across the United States, however it has certain barriers while entering a commonplace.  One barrier for example, happens to be Real Estate; because it leads to inquiries when entrepreneurs try obtaining a license for a dispensary. It also leads to inquiries with cultivation, processing, or testing facilities. Other barriers may occur, yet may not lead to as many inquiries as Real Estate, when entrepreneurs bring a business plan to life.

At this point, CannaMercial Realty helps by working directly with industry and community leaders, government officials, lawyers, and zoning officers. CannaMercial Organization also works with accountants, mortgage & title companies, banks, appraisers, and utility companies. Not only does my organization collaborate with other companies, but I also collaborate with property owners, property users, and investors. My goal is to develop property to its highest potential by showing what we sell, how it is priced & financed, and which legal documents are used to convey the sale or lease. 

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